Europäische Projektwerkstatt Kultur im ländlichen Raum e.V.


Commonly referred to as „kulturino“, Europäische Projektwerkstatt Kultur im ländlichen Raum is a not-for-profit organisation active and strong in the field of rural development and cultural education, always striving to strengthen democratic structures, effective participation and social inclusion, with a strong focus on youngsters and young adults. Individuals from different educational backgrounds and different countries, voluntarily give their expertise and time to various cultural, political, educational, artistic etc. projects

For some years, we have found our home in the heartland of the Thuringian Forest Natural Preserve, where we maintain a project house, beautifully situated on some 5,000 square metres of land. Over the summer months, house and premises are home to a number of activity-based English camps. The English camp project has received several important awards by the Federal German Government and other important Stakeholders. Recent project initiatives follow the “Gross National Happiness” approach. In this project we research the potential of transforming something that has been in existence at a national level in Bhutan for many years, into something rather local, meant as launch of a “rethinking democracy” initiative. 

Over the past twelve years, we have hosted people from more than 15 nations, all of them involved in the further development of kulturino and its projects. We maintain valuable and strong links to many political, educational, cultural and democratic stakeholders, such as the government of the Federal State of Thuringia, the University of Oxford, relevant umbrella organisations, similar projects in other European countries, etc.

Our projects and initiatives are carried out with the help of volunteers. All members of staff give their time, expertise and manpower unpaid and alongside their daily professions. It is our aim to raise awareness for the importance of voluntary social, political and cultural initiatives. Some of our projects are publicly funded.

Please feel free to contact us, should you be interested in future co-operation, need more information or wish to get involved in the future.